MABA seeks to invest in companies the following characteristics:

  • Strong, commercially-minded management team – Once the company has graduated from a lab research project and engaged at least one key commercially-focused leader, and once the company is focused on the commercialization of an identified asset

  • Solutions that will change the standard of care – Beyond an incremental improvement, disruptive solutions will ultimately change the way practitioners practice medicine in their field

  • Regulated products, e.g., therapeutics, devices, diagnostics, some digital (therapeutics, biomarkers, etc.)

  • Large and growing addressable markets – Markets that can support a large exit, preferably by M&A

  • Angel friendly investment terms – Angel investors can achieve a return on their investment when they invest in successive rounds (often syndicated) that are traditionally well below $10 million each, and that total ~$30 million or less, before reaching an exit.  These are the types of opportunities in which MABA seeks to participate.  Rounds that are larger than $10 million, and funding requirements that exceed $40 million in total, to reach an exit, are more suited for venture capital (VC) than for angels, and ones that MABA seeks to avoid. 

For additional information, please refer to our Investment Criteria.

If you believe that your company meets our Investment Criteria, please submit an Application for our group’s consideration.

Investment Process

MABA asks all companies seeking funding from us, who believe that they meet the above-noted investment criteria, to submit an application

  • As is the case with most angel groups, MABA does not sign Non Disclosure Agreements.  We therefore ask that all applications contain only non-confidential information, and information that the applicant is comfortable sharing on a non confidential basis.

  • Once received, all applications are reviewed by a Screening Committee, about once a month (except for the summer).

  • Approximately a quarter (25%) of applicants are invited to present to our group in person, while three-quarters (75%) are rejected in screening.  MABA responds to all applicants, noting general points of concern raised by the Screening Committee in the rejection notices.  The goal of screening is to identify companies that are most likely to generate investment interest from our group.  If your company was not selected to present to our group, please do not be discouraged. Just because our specific blend of investors may not be interested in your opportunity does not mean that others will not find it attractive. Also, we encourage companies that are able to address the points noted in the rejections, to re-apply to us in the future.

  • More than half of companies that present to our group proceed to diligence after their presentation.

  • Approximately 2% of applicants receive funding from our group.

  • The entire process – from the moment an application is sent in, until a positive funding decision is made usually takes between three to six (3-6) months.  Summer and holiday breaks can extend the timeline.

If you believe that your company meets our Investment Criteria, please submit an Application for our group’s consideration.

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